About Us

DGP Cosmetics is a platform that empowers cosmetic enthusiasts and professionals around the world to become successful beauty business entrepreneurs.

Our mission has always been to provide affordable cosmetics to our customers.

Recognizing the challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses in the traditional private label industry, we set out to create a more accessible and inclusive solution.

The conventional private label world is tailored for large enterprises, characterised by high minimum order quantities (MOQs), slow lead times, substantial budgets, and an often inaccessible and outdated system. This environment leaves little room for smaller businesses, which may lack the resources and expertise to compete effectively.

Over the years in business, we’ve been able to build a brand for over 2000 women both locally and internationally.

Basically, we make cosmetic products and brand in your logo. We are for beauty entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource their manufacturing so they can focus on other things that matters in business.

Our products are handmade with natural oils and plants and 100% vegan and cruelty free!